Saturday, June 19, 2010

The Double Bind

You must read this book. I have to admit when I started reading this book, I was not impressed. It was a little slow, and I felt that as Bohjalian was describing his main character, Laurel, it was if I was viewing the action from outside a window looking in. I just could not connect. The only reason I stayed with the book is because my book club was reading it. I am so glad that I did stick with it. Around page 50, the action started picking up and it became intesting.
Bohjalian slowly develops Laurel's character, building layer upon layer who this girl is and why she does the things she does. She has suffered a traumatic event, and the reader has to figure out how that event fits into her present day life.
Bohjalian also cleverly weaves in the fictional characters from the book The Great Gatsby. He continues to develop Fitzgerald's story and artfully includes these characters in his book. He tackles the issues of homelessness and mental illness.
But what really makes this book is the ending. He interjects a suprise that hits the reader right between the eyes. I did not see it coming. This book is well worth reading up to the last page!

Monday, June 14, 2010


I've been thinking about what the what the word forgiveness means. I think all to often people think forgiveness means forgetting an offense. I think sometimes people think that just because they're forgiven everything will go back to the way it was before the offense was committed. Forgiveness doesn't mean everything is okay or that the bad behavior is excused. It doesn't mean that things will go back to the way they were before. Once something is cut, sliced, diced, or broken it will never be the same again. I do think people can go forward after forgiveness, but both parties have to realize that things will be different than they were before. This may or not be okay with both or one of the parties.

When I forgive someone I think I''m saying, "I a
m not angry at you, neither do I resent you. I do not want to get even with you, and I do not want you to pay for what you've done. What you said or did matters, but I can go forward with something different."

Sometimes the hurt is still there. Sometimes the trust isn't there yet.

Saturday, June 5, 2010


Just came back from visiting with my sister at mom and dad's house. It is always so great. I just am always amazed how much we are concerned about weight. I am number one in line when it comes to weight obsession. I'm 41, and I am definitely aware of slowed down metabolism. My sister is too. I follow a modified South Beach diet. I try to keep sweets, processed food, breads, and fried foods out. I try to eat a high protein diet. It works pretty well. My sister follows it much more rigorously. It works successfully for her too. I probably will always be aware of my weight and try my best to keep in check. Since I was twelve years old, I have been aware of my weight. Lately, I've been watching Drop Dead Diva. The message is obviously that big can be beautiful and that there is so much more to a woman than the way she looks. Sometimes I get so tired of being aware of how I look. Quite a bit of my past self worth has been tied in with how I look. As I get older and care a little less about that, I'm hoping that who I am on the inside is enough to draw people to me and keep them liking me-not just the way I look. I think this is the case. I would love it if I could just let go, eat what I want, and trust that people will like me and think I'm beautiful despite what I look like based on just who I am. I think people do this more than you would think. I see it all over with other people. Can I trust that for me? Right now I'm still trying to fight the weight thing, but hopefully a little less than in the past.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Dead As a Doornail

People may not know it, but I love Charlaine Harris. Are her plots pretty flimsy? Yes. But I always feel as if she's writing kind of tongue in cheek. Her writing is just fun. This installment in the Sookie Stackhouse novels was a little more flimsy than the previous novels. Quinn, the weretiger was introduced. I think it's fun to think of reject Sookie having all of these supernatural, hot, hunkie males falling for her. Every girl would want that, right? I think one of the reasons I keep reading is that I want to know who does Sookie end up with? I can tell you that Eric is my favorite. In fact, I might be kind of put out if she doesn't eventually end up with him. The fact is these books are escapism at its best. So I'll keep reading. You go, Charlaine!


Yeah! It's finally summer. It's time to take a break for this weary teacher. This year was a tough year. And I am ready, ready, ready for a break. It's time to spend time with my kids, go to the pool, and write and read.