Sunday, January 1, 2012

A Sweet New Year's Eve

This was the first year my kids made it to midnight. They are ten, and I had serious doubts as to whether they were going to make it. But they did. I have to say that I'm the one hitting the wall right now. I sucking down coffee as I type, trying to rejuvenate myself.

We started off the evening by going to a 4:45pm movie of The Adventures of Tin-Tin. My plan had been to go to a later movie, but those tricky movie owners scheduled only 3-D movies in the evening, which of course made the price of tickets higher. I was really reticent to go see this movie. We had seen Hugo over Thanksgiving. It was so bad. There's a reason the general public does not talk about Hugo and how good it was. The critics may love it, but it was so boring. I thought I was going to die. I knew we were in trouble with that movie when the first five minutes of the movie had no dialogue-at all. I know what they were doing. I know this was an homage to silent movies, but I felt like I was in a silent movie; and I wanted out. But Tin-Tin was pretty good. I could definitely tell that Stephen Spielberg directed it. It was kind of like Indiana Jones meets cartoons, but it was enjoyable.

Then we came home and had a late dinner of tacos. After they took showers, we watched Ryan Seacrest. The problem was that Ryan cut off here in Kansas at 10pm. I know this was because of the delay. Ryan came back at 11:30, but what do I let my 10 year olds watch for the next hour? We went to MTV because Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez were on there. I thought it was ironic that bad boy MTV had two former Disney stars on their show, but I have to hand it to MTV. When their show was on, it was pretty wholesome, at least I felt it was watchable for my ten year olds. But MTV's commercials suck! They were either scary, like advertising for horror movies, or they were vulgar. So I would switch to Fox's NYE program, which actually was the most wholesome show on! At 11pm, we were reduced to watching Animal Planet's "Cute Puppies", and it was pretty darn cute. Finally, midnight inched forward, and we watched as the ball dropped down. Although, my daughter remarked, "Am I the only one who can't see it?" When I pointed on the TV to it, she was very unimpressed. I do agree with her and think that it could be a little more impressive. But maybe its cheesiness is what makes it so American and cherished. Who knows?

With ten seconds to go, we counted down, then went outside and banged spoons on pots. They loved it, and it was a sweet reminder to me that the simplest things can be the sweetest.